Being in the pet industry as an animal care technician for 30 years, Betty was aware of the need for a place that pet owners could comfortably leave their pet when they had to be away.

In mid 1997, we began construction of a long dream, the boarding kennel of Heidanes Hidden Timbers. We started with 12 indoor / outdoor runs, and our goal was to have the pets that came to stay with us treated as we would want OUR pets treated if they had to be left for a while. By 1998, we were so busy that we added another 8 runs, and enclosed our training room to facilitate the grooming that was needed.

We try, as best we can, to give every pet the attention that is is used to at home, and to send home each pet happy and clean! We have found that pets respond to one on one care, and pets reflect the care they are given, so we have fun loving each one that comes to visit us!

Dave, Betty and Kristin Heiden, the owners and "live-ins" at Heidanes Hidden Timbers, have long been known in the community for their activities involving their dogs, both the Great Danes they owned, and the other dogs that snuck in the family too! Please take a moment to look about in our website and see what's all happening here!

It is our goal to give your pet QUALITY care. Quality never happens accidentally, it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

We are licensed by the state of Illinois and Betty Heiden is a Certified Pet CareTechnician II and we are the proud employers of 6 other Certified Pet Care Technicians.

dogs walking on grounds at Heidanes Hidden Timbers

the staff at Heidanes Hidden Timbers