Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have two (or three or four) dogs. Can they stay together?

You bet! We offer a reduced rate for multiple pets in the same run, and we will put as many as are comfortable together in the same enclosure. Make sure that they all get "along" before they come!

Are the dog runs air-conditioned / heated?

Absolutely! We work and live there too, and we want your pet to be as comfortable as they are at home. We try to keep things at a comfy 74, but if your pet is happier in a warmer spot, Smallville might be the choice for you.

Will my dog be able to play with other dogs?

We don't have a mixed family daycare situation, but if your pets are staying together and are used to one another, they will get to play together. We do not mix pets that are from different families during playtimes.

Can I bring my pet's toys / bed?

Again, absolutely! We encourage it! Bring along anything your pet is comforable with, as long as we can fit it in a washing machine. Sometimes they are not as careful here and they do get things soiled, so we will try to clean everything before your pet returns home. For this reason, we ask you NOT bring the king size quilt for the bed or the sofa.

Do I need to bring my pet's bowls and food?

Yes, bring the food your pet is used to eating, but we must use our stainless steel bowls for food and water. For this reason, we ask that you NOT bring bowls from home. They have much less chance of getting lost or broken. Please bring the approximate amount of food you think your pet will eat during his or her stay, with specific feeding instructions. Many time a pet will eat much less while boarding. PLEASE DO NOT bring a 40-pound bag of food for an overnight or two night stay. We would rather have the room for your pet than to try and figure out where to store extra food!

Can my pet be groomed while here?

All pets that stay over 5 nights get a complimentary bath before they are sent home. We can certainly do any grooming you request while they are here too! We usually try to give our guests their bath the day before they are scheduled to go home. So, if you plan to leave your pet longer or come a day or two early to get him, PLEASE let us know so we can have them sweet smelling and happy for you on departure.

Why does my pet need so many vaccinations?

We require the vaccines that will hopefully keep your pet and other pets healthy while they are boarding. Please check the requirements and try to have our pet immunized two weeks before his stay.

Will my dog be in a crate the whole time?

Smallville, our inside areas, allow those pets who have less activity requirements, older pets, and "just inside" pets a spot where they can watch all that is going on in the facility, and snuggle in to a more controlled atmoshphere. These pets are walked or taken outside at least four times per day, to stretch their legs and for "duty". Most of our Smallville guests love the attention of being handled more often during their stay.

Do you do obedience training?

If there were only more hours in the day! At this time, we do not have any obedience training available. There are excellent facilities in the area we recommend!

Do you breed Great Danes?

No, but we have contact with many excellent breeders in the surrounding states and work with Dane Rescue. We do not breed or sell any pets. Breeding involves much research and time that we would rather spend taking care of your pets and working with ours. We leave that for the professionals. We also do not take abandoned animals. We will refer you to the Humane Society or EARS in Effingham.

What kind of additional things can my pet have at Heidanes?

Each pet gets a one on one time each day where we spend time just with him / her. If you want, we have additional playtimes in the yard and walks in the woods available.

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