Grooming Services

At Heidanes Hidden Timbers, we groom any and all pets by appointment, from the smallest kitten to very large dogs. We have facilities for baths, haircuts and a special procedure called the "Shedless Furminator", which really does help your pet shed a lot less! We do grooming almost any day of the week, and you can schedule your pet to have his grooming done during a stay at the kennel, too.

Grooming Estimates

All prices dependent on condition of coat and attitude of dog.

All Grooms Include

Powerwash bath, ear cleaning, nail trimming, high velocity blow drying, cologne, and brush out if possible. For the sake of the dog, we do not demat long coats that have been matted and bathed. We will also trim feet, face and fanny as needed. Dogs presented to us with fleas will be treated with Capstar and charged accordingly.

Bath: Short Hair

  • Small: $20.00
  • Medium: $25.00
  • Large: $30.00 and up

Bath: Long Hair

  • Small: $26.00
  • Medium: $32.00
  • Large: $35.00 and up

Shedless Bath and Brushing

  • Small: $30.00
  • Medium: $36.00
  • Large: $42.00 and up
  • This includes all amenities with a bath

Small Dog Full Groom Including Haircut

  • $30.00 and up

Medium Dog Full Groom Including Haircut

  • $45.00 and up

Extra Large Dog Full Groom Including Haircut

  • $55.00 and up

Our Emphasis is on Comfort

We will always try to make your pet comfortable and pretty, with the emphesis on comfort. It is recommended that you have your pet groomed regularly, to avoid all over shave downs and uncomfortable dematting. Most of our grooming is done on weekday mornings, with most pets staying just 3-4 hours for bath, dry and groom.

We also groom cats IF they will tolerate it (we prefer to keep our skin intact!)

large dog getting a haircut

small dog looking at the camera after its grooming session